If you’ve been to London you’ll have been to Leicester Square. If you’ve been to Leicester Square you’ll have seen the Mighty Hippodrome Casino. It’s a huge, beautiful building that stands on the corner of Cranbourn Street and looks down onto Charing Cross Road. It was built in 1900 and in it’s time has been a bit of a chameleon but since 2012 has been running as one of the biggest and best bricks and mortar casinos in the UK.

On first opening in 1900 the building was used as a circus venue. They had all sorts of animals from all around the world and even had a huge water tank in the centre with huge fountains coming out of it that performers would dive into from extremely high heights. In this time the space was also used for the best variety acts of the time.

After 9 years of this they decided to give The Hippodrome it’s first make over and did away with the circus feel and installed seats, making it more in to a theatre lay out that we would recognise today. This then became one of the most prestigious theatres to perform in with the likes of Charlie Chaplin treading the boards. It carried on with this amazing reputation till after the second world war. Then came the 50’s and it’s next transformation.

In 1958 it was time for a big change and that’s just what happened. Along came The Talk Of The Town. The Hippodrome was now a nightclub that had the best artists of the day performing there. We’re talking Sammy Davis Jr, Judy Garland and some of the most famous jazz musicians in the world. Although hands have changed many times (Peter Stringfellow being one pair of said hands) the venue has pretty much stayed a nightclub till the mid 00’s.

It’s latest reincarnation is The London Hippodrome Casino and it’s reputation builds and builds. The building was renovated and brought back to it’s former glory. They opened their doors in 2012 and it not only has amazing casino rooms but also superb entertainment on offer too. The space is vast and luxurious and easy to see why they have such a loyal fan base and why the casino is also winning prestigious awards. A trip to London now has to have this amazing casino on your checklist.