Ever been to Sin City? Well we thought we’d talk about a few of the most famous casinos there. The strip (as it’s famously known) is just over 4 miles long but has the most casinos, hotels and entertainment establishments crammed in to one space in the world. The atmosphere is like no other place and it really does feel like a Disney land for the grown ups. It seems that anything goes in Las Vegas and if you’re not careful it’ll be your money going first!

So when you’re there surely you’ll be visiting a few bricks and mortar casinos and why not go to the most famous ones? We’ve picked our favourite 3 but feel free to chip in with your comments and thoughts.

  1. Caesar’s Palace- First up, for us, it has to be Caesar’s Palace. With it’s Roman themed hotel and casino room it has to be one of the most famous casinos in the world. Here you can play all your favourite card and table games and also an extensive choice of slots. The atmosphere in this premier casino is so charged that you can get excited without even playing any of the games. However…..when in Rome……
  2. MGM Grand- Yes this is the Casino that apart from being seen in every film made in Las Vegas is also the home to the “Lions Share” slot. The slot machine that didn’t pay out it’s Jackpot for 20 years then when it did payed over $2 million! Apart from a world class casino to try out there is also a great whiskey bar where you can take your pick from over 50 varieties. It may be a long night.
  3. Ballagio- We’re pretty sure you’ll know the name of this Las Vegas casino but just in case it doesn’t ring a bell….this is the casino that has the huge fountains outside it. When inside you will get to see Las Vegas gambling at it’s finest. Choose from all the traditional card and table games and from hundreds of modern and classic slots. An amazing casino with a huge reputation.

Obviously with this list we have not even scratched the surface of amazing Las Vegas casinos but a little list to whet the appetite never hurt anyone.