This story sounds like the stuff of dreams but we promise you it’s completely true. Not only did one unbelievably lucky winner take home the Jackpot fortune of $2.4 million ( about £1.45 million) from a Las Vegas bricks and mortar slot machine. But this was also the first time for this world famous slot machine to pay out the Jackpot in 20 years!!!!

We’ve been following the story for years now as have thousands of other people around the world. It’s quite easy to keep tabs on the famous slot machine as it has it’s own twitter account that was always updated ( we kid you not!). We were just waiting for the machine to pay out it’s massive Jackpot as it literally had not done so for 2 decades! I suppose what we were actually waiting for was to get to Sin City ourselves and have a go at taking home the prize.

Even if we had got to Las Vegas in time to play “Lions Share” we have had to wait our turn to have a go. Apparently there was a constant queue for the slot machine and the average wait was at least half an hour! No putting your money down and saying “me next” by the sounds of things.

Anyway the wait was over when an American couple stepped up to have their go. At $3 a go the lucky couple weren’t playing for long before the machine went wild. What they were waiting for, as was every other previous player, was for three green lions to show up in a row. Seeing this on the slot machine only meant one thing…..the wait was over. The green lions made an appearance for Mr and Mrs Misco and the long overdue Jackpot was theirs.

If you want to see the famous slot machine you’ll have to visit the MGM casino in Las Vegas. Any excuse for a holiday hey? And the moral of this story? Good things come to those who wait.