It’s the dream isn’t it? Ask most people what they daydream about and surely “winning the Lottery” will always be on the list. But for some lucky people it’s actually the unluckiest thing to happen to them. We’ve picked stories which will make you happy it wasn’t you!

Jack Whitaker- In 2002 he won a whopping $314.9 million on the powerball multi state lottery. Although since beaten, when Jack won this amount it was actually the biggest ever win on the American Lottery. That sort of Jackpot is pretty unbelievable hey?

However, all was not fine and dandy for this Jackpot winner. Far from it. Not only has he had money stolen off him on several occasions ( and we’re talking vast amounts). But he has also had plots against him to spike him with drugs. It looks like he hasn’t been squeaky clean either with a few law suits against him. The saddest part is that he has also lost his daughter and grand daughter.

Janite Lee- This lady won $18 million on the Illinois Lottery in 1993 but in just 8 short years was filing for bankruptcy (ouch). It’s not 100% clear what happened. However it was well documented in the press that she was very supportive of politics and would regularly donate to her favourite causes. It seems also that there was a few business deals that didn’t really take off. When Lee filed for bankruptcy she only had $700 to her name. Sadly because she allegedly had a penchant for gambling she also ended up with huge debts.

Willie Hurt- This must be one of the quickest blowouts of a Lottery Jackpot recorded! Hurt won an amazing $3.1 million way back in 1989. And in under three years it had all gone! After the Jackpot win his marriage went sour and ended in divorce. Apparently the wife was awarded a huge part of the Jackpot in the settlement. But this was not the worst for Hurt, he was also, in that short time charged with murder and had obtained a crack cocaine habit. So in just over two years the $3.1 million jackpot win was no more and his life was in bits.

So in just these few stories it shows that the grass isn’t always greener.  Saying that… would nice to have bit of that lawn though eh???