Okay, so lots of people out there still get confused between Progressive Jackpots and Non progressive Jackpots (they’re actually just called classic usually but you know what we mean). It’s pretty simple but not if you’re new to online casinos. The difference is that when you’re playing a slot that doesn’t have a progressive Jackpot attached to it, whatever the slot has told you the Jackpot is that can’t change. However with a progressive Jackpot the Jackpot can keep on building (and building).

How? With progressive Jackpots for each bet you make the slot will take a percentage of that bet and add it to the Jackpot. As they will be doing for everyone else playing that slot. Different slots do this in different ways. For example, you could be taking part in a progressive slot that is linked to many other people playing that slot right across the network. Or you could be playing for a progressive Jackpot that is just for that online casino.

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So we could be playing at Mr Green Casino on a progressive slot, lets call it “Make Me Rich Now”, and everyone who’s playing “Make Me Rich Now” at Mr Green Casino will be contributing to that Jackpot by having a percentage of their bet added to the Jackpot. The Jackpot keeps on growing till one winner walks away with it.

Or we could be playing another slot at The Gaming Club called “I Want To Be A Millionaire Right Now” but that slot is not just linked up to the online casino you’re playing at but actually to every “I Want To Be A Millionaire Right Now” being played. This is how the progressive Jackpots can seriously build to life changing Jackpots.

There is a down side however. Progressive Jackpots will usually (if not always) only pay out to players who are playing maximum bet. When you think that maximum bet for lets say Mega Moolah is £6.25 you can see that it’s not a slot for the faint hearted. Saying that if you like a serious gamble and your in it to win it then progressive slots may absolutely be for you.

We hope this is a bit clearer for you. If you’d like to add anything or ask any questions then get in touch.